About Eltronic Wind Solutions

We are a fast changing company that provides innovative equipment solutions for wind turbine equipment Onshore & Offshore

About Eltronic Wind Solutions 

Eltronic is an engineering and consulting house founded in 2000. We help our customers in the manufacturing, marine and wind industries increase their competitiveness by offering both standardized and customized products and services.

Within the wind industry, Eltronic provides innovative equipment solutions for production, transport, installation and service of wind turbine components. We employ technical and mechanical engineers, automation experts and project managers who are highly skilled in concept design, CAD, 3D structural modeling and FEM/FEA calculations. Eltronic aims at providing automated solutions which not only improve the process of manufacturing, transporting and installing wind turbine components, but eliminate all safety risks in connection with handling them in production facilities and on-site. Our on-site experience combined with our in-house engineering allows us to quickly identify potential areas of improvement and provide complete solutions, which are fully tailored to the needs of our customers. In addition to customized solutions, we design our own products with a focus on cost-efficiency, modular design and automation. 

At our locations in Denmark, United Kingdom and China, we have facilities for building prototypes, assembling and conducting tests (e.g. FAT), as well as providing inspections of a wide variety of equipment and system     


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Our values are important

At Eltronic, our values are not just a number of sentences that do not really matter.

On the contrary, our values have been with us right from the beginning. They form the basis of our business, and they define how we act - towards our customers and partners but also towards each other. 

We are with you every step of the way