“Poul Erik Honoré is truly a problem solver and an incredibly skilled blacksmith. He engages his team by leading the way and is passionate about his work.” This is what Resource Manager Jesper Skouboe, Manager of the 10-year jubilee Poul Erik, says.

Poul Erik Honoré reached a milestone in ENABL on 17 April 2021, namely his 10th anniversary. And it's a wild journey he's been on. First, the Eltronic logo was on the work clothes, then Eltronic Wind Solutions and now it says ENABL. He is the Manager of Mechanical Assembly in Hedensted and leads from three to 15 men in a team depending on the size of the project.

"I have probably traveled in 20 countries during the last 10 years. When the assembly of the equipment has been completed in the workshop, and the FAT test has been well-executed, the equipment must be installed on-site, and I always want to be a part of that. Having hands-on and following the project through is extremely satisfying for me,” says Poul Erik.

Stationed in China

In 2017-2018, Poul Erik was stationed in China for 10 months to start the production in Taicang. Machines had to be purchased and employees had to be hired and trained to prepare the production start of equipment in China.

“The posting in China is probably the task that has developed me most personally and professionally. My work across cultures is both challenging and very exciting.

I'm crazy about it. Having to implement quality standards, guidelines and know-how from Hedensted to China was an incredibly exciting task in my career,” explains Poul Erik.

Today, Poul Erik is affiliated with ENABL in Hedensted, but he still has contact with the employees and colleagues in China. Today, Poul Erik uses digital solutions and AR technology to communicate, so support for his colleagues abroad can take place quickly and efficiently.

Poul Erik is the guarantor of progress

"Freedom with responsibility and freedom to plan one's work is very fundamental to our culture, and I really enjoy it. I have talented colleagues and the company’s development has been fantastic because the visions and opportunities have been there and still are,” says Poul Erik.

We find Poul Erik's Manager Jesper Skouboe in the assembly shop and he says:

“Poul Erik has just solved the project with the retrofit of the Janett Lifting Yoke in an excellent way. He is impatient in a good way, the guarantor of progress, and the problems that arise he solves in a consistent and effective way. Poul Erik's commitment and drive are something we really appreciate in ENABL.”

We wish Poul Erik a big congratulations on his 10th anniversary.


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