Blaaholm continues under the current name Blaaholm A/S, and the existing strong set-up of dedicated key persons will continue their journey in the company.

"I am very pleased that we have negotiated a settlement with the sale of the largest division Blaaholm Hard Automation," says director, Torben Blåholm.

This means that Blaaholm continues to supply high-end turnkey production equipment for the wind turbine industry specializing in onshore & offshore tower manufacturing, as well as monopile production and expand the global capacity. Blaaholm continues with renewed strength "Optimization through Innovation" to the customers.

CEO Torben Blåholm continues an amazing company
Torben Blåholm will continue as managing director of Blaaholm A/S. All contact information for the Hard Automation employees, websites and e-mail addresses is unchanged.

“We are very much looking forward to continuing the cooperation with our loyal customers and suppliers as well as resuming ongoing projects,” says director, Torben Blåholm.


Strong and global market leader
With the acquisition of Blaaholm, Eltronic Group strengthen their competitive position and their global leading position in the fields of automation and innovative solutions. Besides the broad technical skills, the actual heart of Blaaholm, CEO Torben Blåholm will raise the level of innovation and concepts for the automation industry.

“With a strengthened focus on Hard Automation and innovative solutions, we look forward to continuing to provide highly qualified services and a strong, global position to existing as well as new customers,” says CEO of Eltronic Group, Lars Jensen.

Business framework to improve customers’ global competitiveness
Eltronic Group will provide Blaaholm with a complete and global business framework consisting of a number of services including Finance, HR, IT, QHSE etc.  With access to this framework, both management and employees in Blaaholm will – to an even greater extent than before – be able to focus their efforts on creating the innovative, technological solutions that help improve their customers’ competitiveness.

With the acquisition of Blaaholm, Eltronic Group A/S now employs approx. 650 employees and has a yearly turnover of approx. 800 million DKK in total.