He was one of the very first engineers to be hired by the company back in 2005, when it was called Eltronic. Today we operate under the name ENABL and are an independent, global supplier of solutions for the wind industry under Eltronic Group.

Jacob has roots in Central Jutland, where he grew up holding a wrench. He has always been fascinated by screwing, unscrewing and repairing machinery. Jacob’s professional background is in toolmaking and, more recently, in engineering, and at ENABL he has taken in-service training as a welding engineer. His specialized craft experience is a big advantage for Jacob in his daily work: “I get a lot from my craftsman background and natural interest in machinery when I start working on the projects and when I need to put together the right team,” he says.

“For an engineer, ENABL is a workplace that is capable of anything. There are plenty of opportunities to get stuck into precisely those areas you are passionate about, whether that’s complex calculations, fatigue, steel, welding, dynamics or whatever else. As Lead Engineer, you have to be able to tackle a wide range of jobs and work in different specialist areas, and collaborate across them with a wide variety of colleagues,” continues Jacob.

ENABL is a global company that supplies equipment to the biggest wind turbine manufacturers in the industry. This means that an average working day for an engineer at ENABL is always filled with tasks where development, optimization and the green transition play a big part.

“Some of the best things about being an engineer here in-house is that we don’t just release the drawings – we can actually see the product in the workshop. Once we have designed a piece of equipment, we go over to the workshop and are involved in its assembly. We are present in the process, where we watch it being put through tests. For me, this is incredibly important and gives me great satisfaction professionally,” says Jacob.

Jacob gets the team to perform

Throughout his many years as Senior Design Engineer at ENABL, Jacob has been responsible for many apprentices, who he has followed closely through their training. In addition, he has had responsibility for the onboarding of new Design Engineers for the team.

As an extension of this, Jacob breaks down the tasks in the daily projects, puts together the team and gets the individual engineers to perform successfully. This is based in part on a process, where Jacob and the rest of the team draw up personal profiles. These have helped them to be aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, both professionally and in their relationships with each other.

Jacob has seen and experienced how a good working environment and focus on each other’s profiles improves efficiency and helps to generate even more success for the projects and ultimately, for the customers.

“When we focus on our interactions with each other, and when people experience success in what they do, we increase job satisfaction considerably. ENABL has a fantastic culture and a good working environment, and I am motivated by the opportunity to help get the team to perform,” continues Jacob.

The future’s technology is being designed and developed at ENABL

With more than 450 employees spread across 12 global locations, ENABL is on a scale where, as an engineer, you get the chance to change direction and have a look at other, new areas in the organization. “ENABL offers attractive career opportunities, as there are so many exciting routes to take,” says Jacob.

“We are always working on complex projects in-house, where we take an innovative approach to designing and developing equipment for the wind technology of the future. Our customers are global and the green transition is always in focus, both here in-house and for our customers. This means that engineers at ENABL are helping to develop the industry in an exciting direction,” concludes Jacob Udbye Daugaard, Senior Design Engineer at ENABL.

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