The semi-automated sanding unit from Eltronic is an advanced robotic solution build on our EMR-platform, Eltronic Mobile Robot. Our sanding unit performs sanding treatment of all types and sizes of wind turbine blades and other main components.

The actual sanding process is fully automatic. The unit is able to detect the shape of the blade without pre-programming, and it is controlled by one operator only.

All aspects of the working environment (HSE) are remarkably improved using our semi-automatic solution and guarantees a safer workplace without white fingers, back pain, static electricity etc.

The improved and automatic work procedure eliminates the repetitive work characterizing manual sanding. In addition, up to 98% of all dust particles will be retained by the dust suction system.

The semi-automated sander is able to operate with all types of sanding material, and compared to manual sanding, the unit is:

• user friendly
• cost efficient
• provides even and high-quality sanding surface
• operates at a low sound level
• reduces energy consumption significantly

By automation it is possible at the same time both to protect employees against deleterious working conditions as well as to reduce manufacturing costs. Compared to manual sanding, a semi-automated sanding unit will perform the sanding process faster, more efficient and with a much more consistent finish.