The Tagline Master System ensured precise control during installation of 70 m turbine blades on a wind turbine with a hub height of 100 m.

This installation with the Tagline Master System is compared to installations with handheld taglines – often up to 10 persons are involved. In this case with the intelligent automatic solution the limit of the lifting equipment tag points was max. 3t.

To ensure a safe lifting process, our Tagline Master system was setup via the tension programs and 3 stage brake system (max. pull 2,7t and brake 3,0t). With handheld taglines it is not possible to have a fixed max tension, so compared to this solution, the Tagline Master System guarantees absolute safety.

High speed and low costs
Our Technical Product Manager, Henrik Vagtholm reports directly from site of the installation: “We are very happy with this first installation in the U.S.. Everything went as planned, and because of the precise control from the Tagline Master System, it only took 32 minutes from the starting signal on the blade lift to the first bolts were tightened. Next to safety, using this intelligent system means a reduction of the personnel required on site, and reduction in crane rental because of the flexibility, which means lower costs for the overall installation.”

Wind turbines are increasing in size and so are the capacity of our equipment. Our Sales Director, Brian Marcimak talks about the significance of installations in the United States:
“High wind speeds are prevalent, and the installations are often more complex because of the different conditions. In circumstances like these our Tagline Master System is essential to guarantee safety on site. 

The adjustable tension and precise control from the flexible system increase the weather window. Our next installation in the United States is already in the pipeline”, tells Brian.

The patented Tagline Master System takes human error out of the equation
The automatic and intelligent Tagline Master System guarantees a fully controlled lift and precise control of wind turbine components in any site conditions. It is easy to adjust the tension during installation which takes human error out of the equation.

The Tagline Master system is designed to handle all sizes of wind turbines and is well-known and well-proven among the leading global operators. For more than 10 years the system has been an important part of the safety on site, and 95% of all offshore installations worldwide utilize the Tagline Master System.

Benefits of the Tagline Master System
+ Fully controlled lift even at high wind speeds
+ Adjustable tension
+ Increasing safety
      + The Tagline Master System takes human error out of the equation
+ Increasing weather window
+ Reducing total Costs:
      + Reducing man hours
      + Reducing installation time and crane rental
+ Patented system: The only intelligent and 100% automatic system on the market
+ Easy to install
+ Easy assembly on different crane types due to standardized interfaces

Watch the video of our Tagline Master System

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