Eltronic News | Hedensted | July 2019

Business is growing and at Eltronic, we are expanding our headquarters in Hedensted. The construction work has just started and will result in new facilities for manufacturing, assembly and test. In addition, the work includes new parking spaces for Eltronic employees and visitors. Our new facilities are an extension of our existing test center. When finished at the end of 2019, our total



facilities in Hedensted will include a total area of 11.300 square meters divided between R&D facilities and manufacturing, assembly and test center. The expansion accommodates an increasing demand for the technologies and solutions we develop. We look forward to continuing the growth together with our customers and business partners.

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7. Feb. 2020

We are moving into our new facilities

Eltronic Headquarter | New facilities for manufacturing, assembly and tests.

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13. Jan. 2020

Eltronic Group sets new record with a growth of 35% in 2019

2019 was a good year for Eltronic Group A/S. With a growth in turnover and number of employees of 35%, the annual accounts show the largest turnover in the history of the company.

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8. Jan. 2020

ISO 45001 certification

Health and safety has always been a core part of the QHSE work at Eltronic. We are proud to announce that we are now certified according to ISO 45001.

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