During the last few years, Installation of larger wind turbines in forested areas has become quite common in Europe. Such placement provides allows for great wind resource and little to no conflicts with highly populated areas. However, due to the trees creating a large wind shear, as well as an increase in turbulence level, Hub heights naturally keep increasing in size. According to Berkley Lab Survey, average rotor diameters rose by 113% to 102.0 meters, between 1999 and 2015, by translating into a 355% growth in rotor swept area. 

High hub heights tend to decrease wind turbulence and significantly better wind yield, especially for inland locations with weak wind conditions, but the installation process does not become unchallenged. A significant increase in the wind turbine heights and installations in higher wind speeds cause the lifting of blades, nacelles and other components more difficult and dangerous. It requires a lot of strength, concentration and quick troubleshooting from your onsite personnel which is manually handling the load with slings, in unexpected weather conditions.

In case of such complex installations, the precise control of wind turbine components during lifting operations is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of the personnel and no damage to the components and the tower itself.



 Eltronic offers patented tagline solutions that allow for a safe and controlled guiding process of rotors, nacelles, and single blades in any site conditions. Our tagline master system controls the horizontal position of a load to make sure the load will not turn, regardless of wind, crane movements or other external impacts

   Safe to use

The system is remotely controlled which eliminates manual handling and increases safety on the site. 


  Cost efficient

Easily adaptable to fit different crane types and can be combined with various types of lifting equipment.

   Less downtime

Ability to install wind turbines at high wind speeds minimises the timeframe required for installation.


  No paperwork

Eltronic is handling the entire documentation and crane approval process in connection with the use of the system. 

The system is remotely controlled which eliminates manual handling and increases safety on the site. It can be located on a road or close to the tower which means that difficult conditions with forests and rocky are not a limitation anymore.


The Tagline Master keeps the tension automatically and It is the only product on the market that can do so. If the tension on the tagline exceeds the allowed level, the tagline master automatically adjusts the tension until an acceptable level is reached.

We prioritize quality & safety