SDG Accelerator

As part of Eltronic group, we are proud to have been represented in the SDG Accelerator program. On February 21, 2020, we traveled to UN City in Copenhagen in order to celebrate and receive a diploma for our efforts. We are proud to be one of the only 36 companies who have participated and completed this program.


All throughout 2019, we have participated in different workshops in order to further develop our ideas and concepts for obtaining the SDGs. Through this, we have established a direct connection between production data and the SDGs. Our ideas are based on the fact that production of consumer goods has an impact on the emission of CO2, the consumption of resources, and pollution in general. The main idea - big data and analytics can make industrial production much more sustainable.


Using big data and analytics

Our goal is to provide companies with an opportunity to create a more efficient production by data collection. Based on the collected data, the customer can improve the planning of maintenance and consequently also control the consumption of resources and working hours more efficiently than before. The data will then be compared directly to one of the SDGs. This could be, for example, measuring and minimizing waste, which fits under SDG no. 12. The idea of data collection is not new, but the link between the collected data and the SDGs is.


As our QHSE manager says, "Today, talking about the SDGs is not enough. One must also be able to show concrete results to meet the demands of customers, partners, and stakeholders. This is exactly what we've been working on in the SDG Accelerator progam - taking the precise measurements from DIAP and using them to provide real-time sustainability metrics. As a company, you will have proof that you are delivering on your sustainability promises. You can continuously show that you are working to improve and that the sustainability agenda is not just empty words."


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