Explore our new video for flexible, fast and safe sanding of any type of wind turbine component. The semi-automatic sander eliminates the repetitive work characterizing manual sanding, and up to as much as 98% of all dust particles will be retained by the dust suction system.

- Reach up to 7.5 meters
- Sands up to 150 m2/h
- Covers up to 95 % of the blade

Watch the video and learn more about the semi-automatic sanding process.



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13. Jan. 2020

Eltronic Group sets new record with a growth of 35% in 2019

2019 was a good year for Eltronic Group A/S. With a growth in turnover and number of employees of 35%, the annual accounts show the largest turnover in the history of the company.

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8. Jan. 2020

ISO 45001 certification

Health and safety has always been a core part of the QHSE work at Eltronic. We are proud to announce that we are now certified according to ISO 45001.

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13. Dec. 2019

Video | Semi-automatic sander

The semi-automatic sander from Eltronic Wind Solutions guarantees a safe and healthy working environment

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