Explore our new video for flexible, fast and safe sanding of any type of wind turbine component. The semi-automatic sander eliminates the repetitive work characterizing manual sanding, and up to as much as 98% of all dust particles will be retained by the dust suction system.

- Reach up to 7.5 meters
- Sands up to 150 m2/h
- Covers up to 95 % of the blade

Watch the video and learn more about the semi-automatic sanding process.



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23. Apr. 2021

ENABL’s first installation with Tagline Master System in the United States

Our team successfully completed the first onshore installation with our patented Tagline Master System in the United States, in close corporation with one of our trusted partners and leading OEM’s

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24. Mar. 2021

ENABL A/S is expanding to meet customers’ desire for presence in India

ENABL A/S is expanding its business in Chennai, India, to satisfy customers’ long-standing desire for the presence of expert consultants in India. This is based on the customers’ desire for the company to have specialized consultants in India

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1. Mar. 2021

Four engineering companies merge to accommodate the growth and the need for larger capacity in the global wind industry

The four highly specialised engineering companies and knowledge enterprises SONNE A/S, BIIR A/S, Blaaholm A/S and Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S are joining forces under the name ENABL A/S, becoming an even stronger global player in the wind industry

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