Blade Clamps

Safe and easy full rotor installation

Solution for a full rotor installation


Blade Clamp is a flexible tool with a strong focus on safety and usability for the operators. The solution is used for grabbing the tip of the trailing blade during installation and disassembly of the rotor. It seizes the blade while the rotor is raised to vertical position. The main crane then lifts the rotor at the hub and the support crane uses the blade clamp to raise and lower the blade so that the rotor is raised to a vertical position. When the rotor is in place, the clamp releases the blade via remote control. Blade Clamp provides several advantages over its traditional alternatives like for instance usage of slings. We provide:



Universal Blade Clamp     Mechanical Blade Clamp     Profile Blade Clamp



  Safe to use

The mechanical lock prevents the blade from being dropped in case of a power failure.


  Easy to transport

Compact design makes it easy to transport on a single truck and move with a forklift around the site.

 No damage to the blade

Rubber padded clamps for additional protection of the surface of the blade 



Easy to customize to fit different blades. Can be used for installation and disassembly 

Mechanical Blade Clamp

The clamping system on the shoes is self-adjusting with hydraulic cylinders on each clamping shoe. This causes the clamping shoes will adjust the position and form of the blade.

  Battery driven; no cables during operation

  Easily adjustable to different types of blades

  Approved for both Europe and USA.

Profile Blade Clamp

The Profile Blade Clamp is a new type of clamp. It grabs and supports the blade’s entire geometry. This makes the Profile Blade Clamp very safe yet very gentle to use. 

  Distributes the pressure on the blade over a bigger surface

   Less stress on the blade

   Soft, high friction rubber is used as a mold that fits perfectly around the blade

Universal Blade Clamp

An advanced design that fits various types of blades. It has an integrated de-icing system in the clamps, enables the tool to grab safely onto the blades, even in case of a cold temperature.


   Automatic height adjustments ensure that the clamper can fit every blade type

   Can be used in cold climates thanks to the de-icing system in the clamps.

   Pressure monitoring ensures correct clampling pressure and less unnecessary stress on the blade. 


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