Blade Lifting Yokes

Equipment for automatic single blade handling for improved safety and cost-efficiency onshore & offshore

Single blade installation is more and more used due to the benefits of less ground space needed. Especially in mountains, forests and offshore pars, single blade assembly can improve project economy. The lifting yokes from Eltronic have a flexible construction which provides maximum stability during the installation and dismounting of blades. Lifting yokes eliminate the need for working at heights and manual handling of slings which leads to increased safety and reduced installation time. We offer standard yokes as well as customized solutions. We provide:


C yokes     SC yokes     T-Beams     Sling Yokes     Spreader Beams


 Safe to use

No working at heights and no manual handling of slings leads to improved safety on the site


  Flexible design

Future-proof design with focus on modular construction with exchangeable accessories to fit different blade types

  Less downtime

Fully automatic installation of single blades leads to reduced installation time



Short delivery time and low cost compared to similar solutions by using standard elements

Universal Blade Lifting Yoke

Due to its modular design and exchangeable accessories, one yoke can be used with different sizes and blade types from different turbine manufacturers. The Universal Blade Yoke can be easily customized according to the client's requirements, as well as different blade types.


  Exchangeable blade interface to fit different installation methods

  Operated by a long range remote control, which increases safety on the site.

  Intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) and fewer functions.


Universal Blade Lifting Yoke

Universal Blade Lifting Yoke


The C-Yoke is providing a safe installation at an angle. The yoke has an integrated tilt function enabling the yoke to rotate the blade from -5 to +38 Degrees. The C-yoke handles the blade with the up/down wind side up. Its compact design allows for a fast assembly at the site. 


  Integrated tilt function (-5 to 38 Degrees)

   Steady rotation – due to a hydraulic cylinder controlled by a proportional valve.

   Future-proof design - easy conversion to fit other blade types and sizes



The SC-Yoke is used for a single blade installation where the blade is positioned with the trailing edge up. The yoke easily grabs the blade with hydraulic pressure shoes specifically designed to fit the geometry of a specific blade type. 


  Integrated tilt function (-6 to +6 Degrees)

   Blade Installation in 90 Degrees (with the trailing edge up)

   Future-proof design - easy conversion to fit other blade types and sizes



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Case: Offshore lifting yoke for B75



In close cooperation with a customer, we have designed, developed and manufactured a unique lifting yoke for offshore installation of B75 blades.