Digital Service Solutions

Equipment optimization through collection of real-time installation data.

With the Digital Service Solutions, it is now possible to collect and analyze real-time installation data. By having access to real-time data such as wind speeds, alarm handling, and equipment utilization, the operators on site become better qualified for making decisions on the operational performance of the equipment. At the same time, the collection of data eases troubleshooting, enables predictive maintenance of vital components, and allows for more efficient targeting of documentation and training. All in all, this gives you less equipment downtime, increased operator safety and a better utilization of your equipment. 



 Less downtime

Reduction of equipment downtime thanks to predictive maintenance and more targeted trouble-shooting.



Increased operator safety by analysis of individual operator data


Monitoring of critical parameters and alarm system for operators



Documentation for installation, surveys and insurance companies

Case: Data collection optimizing installation

As a solution, Eltronic developed the Equipment Performance Recorder, which is a piece of software integrated in the control system of the lifting yoke making a variety of data available. The software logs information such as wind speed and direction, tg forces, alarms and handling of alarms, operation time and duration as well as operator details.