Semi-Automatic Sander

Efficient and safe sanding of any type of wind turbine component

The semi-automated sanding unit from Eltronic is an advanced robotic solution, which performs sanding treatment of any type and size of wind turbine components. The actual blade sanding process is fully-automatic the unit is able to detect the shape of the blade without pre-programming, and it is operated by one operator only, controlling the unit by simply pushing a hold-to-run button. Due to an integrated dust suction system, well-known issues with dust in the production facility are reduced to a minimum, and as a result, the working environment is significantly improved. Compared with manual sanding, a semi-automated sanding unit will perform the treatment faster, more efficient and with a much more consistent finish. Thanks to its versatility the solution can be used for sanding:


Rotor Blades     Turbine Towers     Nacelles     Ships     Planes     Trucks



Operational costs are low, and the number of man-hours compared to manual sanding is heavily reduced.



Due to a large working range and height, the semi-automatic sander can be used for all types of major components.

  Extremely Fast

Thanks to our new feature called up & down sanding, the sanding process is reduced by up to 40%.



Up to as much as 98% of dust particles will be retained by the dust suction system. In addition, the unit operates at a low sound level.

Interested in learning more about this solution? Check out our video.

Interested in learning more about this solution? Check out our online brochure