Tagline Systems

Safe and controlled handling of main components for installation and service Onshore & Offshore

Controlled lifting in high wind speeds

Wind turbines are increasing in size and are being installed further from shore where high wind speeds are prevalent. In case of such complex installations, the precise control of wind turbine components during lifting operations is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of the personnel and wind turbine components. Eltronic offers tagline solutions that allow for a safe and controlled guiding process of rotors, nacelles, and single blades in any site conditions onshore & offshore. We offer:


Tag & Guide Wire System     Tagline Master     Tagline 4 Master    Mobile Tagline System   Capstan Winches     Guidewire Winch     

   Safe to use

The system is remotely controlled which eliminates manual handling and increases safety on the site. 


  Cost efficient

Easily adaptable to fit different crane types and can be combined with various types of lifting equipment.

   Less downtime

Ability to install wind turbines at high wind speeds minimises the timeframe required for installation.


  No paperwork

Eltronic is handling the entire documentation and crane approval process in connection with the use of the system. 


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Tagline Master 

Tagline Master is a patented system which automatically keeps tension - and is the only product on the market that can do this. If the tension on the tagline exceeds the allowed level, the tagline master automatically adjusts the tension until an acceptable level is reached. If the tension decreases in return, both tagline masters will add tension to the tagline. 


    Available size up to 100kN

    Adjustable tension within the range                              

    Logging of pulling force data     

    Easy to build on a crane, rig, vessel etc. 

Tag & Guidewire System

Tag & guidewire system enables the component to be in a fixed and stable position enabling the operator to be in a full control of the load. The system operates independently. This means that both winches have full capacity for controlling the orientation of the component lifted. All winches are protected with an adjustable brake which will slide if the maximum tension is reached.


        All four winches are electrically driven

       Guidewire operates in mooring mode

       Guidewire settings 110-211 kN

       Tag wire with a capacity of 20-63 kN

Tagline 4 Master

A traditional tagline master system controls the horizontal position of a load to make sure the load will not turn, regardless of wind, crane movements or other external impacts. The TGM 4 system is used if greater control is needed in both horizontal positions as well as vertical position.


     Pre-tensioned with a force between 5 - 80kN.

     Automatically adjust the tension between all taglines

     Controls vertical & horizontal position 


Mobile Tagline

Due to its flexible design, the mobile tagline system can be customized to fit even the most narrow and gravel environments. The system significantly improves safety on the site and it can be used for installation and service operations of all main components.


    Can be operated by only one technician.

     Due to a built-in generator, the system does not require power cables.

     Software with mooring on both winches.

     Techanical rope spooling system

Capstan Winch

The Capstan Winch is a semi-automatic tagline solution controlled by foot pedals. It has a speed preset feature to adjust the winch speed to the given operating condition. The winch is equipped with a safety mechanism allowing the tagline to wind out when the tension in the line exceeds 10000N or 20000N. 


     Controlled in-and out-winding by foot pedals

     Mechanical safety release when the max. tension of 1000kg is exceeded

     Simple to operate and easy to maintain 

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Case: Offshore Tagline System

Our tagline system was used to complete the installation of 50 wind turbines at Nobelwind offshore wind farm. The tagline system is a control system for safe lifting operation during the installation process of main wind turbine components. The system is mounted directly on the crane and is used for guiding and controlling the components during the lifting operation.