The universal tower lifting system consists of a flexible yet standard bracket used in combination with an adapter piece and a standard spreader bar. When switching between tower diameters and flange types, the standard tower lifting bracket can be re-used, and the only required adjustment of the bracket is the drilling and threading of the adapter piece. The lift is performed using a standard spreader bar. The solution gives you the chance to lower equipment investment costs significantly, to reduce inventory levels and - in short - to simplify the entire tower installation process.

 Substantial reduction of investment costs for tower lifting equipment


  Faster and simplified tower installation process

 Short delivery time due to standard modules


 Significant cutback on inventory levels as 80% of the solution can be re-used

Complete Lifting Solution

Eltronic offers a universal lifting solution that consists of the lifting bracket used in combination with our tower up-ending hook. The J-hook is a safe solution for moving the tower sections from horizontal to vertical position.  


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