Tower Upending Tool

Versatile and indispensable tool for upending tower sections in a safe and controlled way

Safe & easy upending of towers 

The tower upending tool (due to its shape, also called J-Hook) is a hook designed for guiding tower sections for wind turbines as they are being upended into a vertical position. It consists of 2 “J’S” which unfold as the tower section is being upended from horizontal position to vertical position. This way it is possible to control the tower section and prevent it from getting damaged, due to collision with objects or hitting the ground.

 Safe to use

When unfolded, the J-Hook is in perfect balance, making it easy and safe to remove the tool from the tower flange.


 Time efficient

The automatic unhooking process significantly reduces the time used for the installation.


  Easy to customize 

The tool can be easily adjusted to fit different flange heights and widths.


Complete Lifting Solution

Eltronic Wind Solutions offers a universal lifting solution that consists of a lifting bracket used in combination with the tower up-ending hook. Due to an adapter piece, the bracket can be adjusted to fit different tower diameters and flange types. 




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