Eltronic Wind Solutions provides flexible accessories that make your installation and lifting processes as efficient as possible. Below a few examples of our additional offering

Equipment Performance Recorder 

Equipment optimization through collection of real-time installation data. By having access to real-time data such as wind speeds, alarm handling, and equipment utilization, the operators on site become better qualified for making decisions on the operational performance of the equipment. At the same time, the collection of data eases troubleshooting, enables predictive maintenance of vital components, and allows for more efficient targeting of documentation and training. 

Cable Winder 

Easy and efficient reeling & dereeling large amount of wires and cables. When dealing with large amounts of wires and cables, consistency and time efficiency are utmost important. The motorized cable winder from Eltronic is equipped with an electrical drive that allows to easily reels wire or cable without operator fatigue, or quickly dereels large amounts of wires or cables with no pulling.

Cert Safe

Our Partner TS Tech has developed a program for archiving and control of maintenance tasks. CertSafe contains all information about client devices, which will then be controlled and serviced at the right times, either by our service technicians or your own maintenance technicians. Cert Safe performs statutory inspection tasks and performs these in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the area.