Lifting equipment for installation

When working with lifting equipment for installation, we think first and foremost of safety.

Lifting & Installation equipment onshore & offshore


Right after safety comes ease-of-use, reduction of the overall installation time and equipment reliability. Eltronic Wind Solutions has proven capable of meeting all of these priorities by designing, developing and manufacturing equipment for every type of installation onshore & offshore. We are dedicated to identify areas for improvement and develop efficient solutions with a focus on safety, cost efficiency, and standardization. Below you can see types of equipment we provide for lifting and installation.  

Single Blade

Equipment for automatic single blade handling for improved safety and cost-efficiency onshore & offshore

Universal Yoke     C-Yoke       SC-Yoke      Turner Tool


Full Rotor

Complementary tools for safe & easy full rotor assembly and installation 

Blade Clamps     Turning Yoke     Rotor Stand


Locked Hub

Complete equipment solutions for single blade installation on wind turbine with direct drive generator

Hub Stand     Blade Clamp     C-Yoke     Tagline System


High Wind

Safe and controlled handling of main components for installation and service onshore & offshore

Tagline Master     Tag & Guide Wire     Capstan Winch 


Installation Tools

Intelligent installation tools and lifting accessories for all main components

Upending hook      Lifting System      Spreader Beam     


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Customized solutions 

Over the years we have delivered a number of customized solutions for lifting & installation of all main components. Below you can see some examples of solutions we delivered to leading wind turbine providers. 

Offshore blade lifting yoke for B75


In close cooperation with a customer, we have designed, developed and manufactured a unique lifting yoke for offshore installation of B75 blades. 


Offshore Tagline System


Our tagline system was used to complete the installation of 50 wind turbines at Nobelwind offshore wind farm. The tagline system is a control system for safe lifting operation during the installation process of main wind turbine components. The system is mounted directly on the crane and is used for guiding and controlling the components during lifting operation.