Single Blade Installation with Locked Hub

Eltronic provides complete equipment solutions for every type of installation. Here is an example of complete solution for an installation on wind turbine with direct drive generator. Where the first blade is lifted and installed together with the hub. and the two following blades are installed in a 31° angle. Eltronic Wind Solutions provides a set of equipment that make each step of the installation safe and efficient.

Hub Stand

The Hub Stand enables easy assembly of the rotor with one blade. The stand reduces usage of cranes and heavy equipment lifting, hence increasing safety on the site. Due to a replaceable adapter plate, it can be used with any type of hub.

Blade Clamp

The Blade clamp is used as a “clamp” around the 1st blade, when the hub is lifted for installation on the wind turbine. The main crane lifts the hub, while the smaller crane with the Blade clamp controls the trailing blade making the hub turn to installation position.


The C-Yoke easily grabs the blade and with hydraulic pressure shoes, specially designed to fit the geometry of a specific blade type, the C-Yoke locks the blade in position and enables installation of blade 2nd and 3rd in a 30° angle.  

Tagline System

The Tagline Master secures the lifted burden and holds it in a fixed horizontal position during the entire lift independent of wind, crane turn or another external impact. The system is used for controlling the horizontal position of the hub & the 1st blade, and the 2nd & 3rd blade. 

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