Production Technology

We supply flexible yet advanced robotic solutions for production, finishing and testing wind turbine components.

Well manufactured components are key to excellence

Eltronic Wind Solutions strives to solve common industry problems. The most pressing issues in manufacturing are health risks and time inefficiency related to conducting manual labor. Eltronic Wind Solutions aims at providing automated solutions which not only improve the performance of wind turbines, but eliminate all safety risks in connection with component manufacturing. We design & optimize production lines, provide customized solutions as well as standard products focused on safety. 


Semi-Automatic Sander


This advanced robotic solution for surface treatment is one of Eltronic Wind Solutions' own products. The Semi-Automatic Sander performs safe and efficient sanding treatment of any type of wind turbine components. The actual sanding is fully automatic, the unit is able to detect the shape of the blade without preprogramming, and it is operated by one operator only, controlling the unit by simply pushing a hold-to-run button.


Customized Solutions for production equipment 

Over the years, we have delivered a number of customized solutions for manufacturing of all main components. Below, you can see some examples of solutions we delivered to leading wind turbine providers. 

Fully automated solution for carbon lay up

Cost efficient - The solution lays up the fiber in specific 3D geometry which follows the shape of the blade, perfectly eliminating completely any waste of material.

Future proof design - The same robot can be easily reprogramed and used with any kind of blade.

Uniform finish - Due to fully automated process, each fiber is cut individually and laid-up on the blade one by one.

We also posses extensive experience in: fiber glass lay-up and resin lay-up.

Automatic gluing of inserts into the root of the blade

Fully automated solution - with two Yaskawa robots, a gluing and heating station, and a safety fence. The robot picks up the inserts one by one and transfers them to the heat station.

Data acquisition and quality report for each insert.

Improved working environment - In respect to temperature and contact with materials etc.

Magnetization Magnets Insertion Cell

Safe handling of magnets - For an improved working environment.

Traceability on the product - Position of each magnet in the generator and Q data.

Future proof design - Handling various variants of magnets.

Fully automatic process - Reduces the manpower costs.

Highly Customized - Designed to fit customer's material flow.

Automatic Robot Cell for Bolt Tightening

Hydraulic tightening of bolts on wind turbine parts.

Using vision to track the exact bolt position.

Consistent finish and reduced man-hours.

Control measuring of the tightening force.

Hydraulic pressure of 500 bar.

Semi-automatic edge Preparation

  • Reduced production time - Limited amount of required man-hours.
  • Improved working environment - The potential for harm to worker health and to the environment from volatile resin components is significantly reduced thanks to integrated dust and resin suction.
  • Uniform Trimming - The pre-designed guided rails allow for a more consistent finish than manual cutting.

We have delivered our production equipment to customers all-over the world  

Our competencies in production equipment

Rotor & Hub


- Automatic Bolt Tensioning Robot

- Rotation Tester

- Hub I/O tester



- Automated tower sanding (read more)

- Automated surface coating

- Diameter measurement & section alignment

Nacelle & Generator


- Magnet Insertion Cells

- Internal Transportation

- Final Generator & Nacelle tester




- Automated blade sanding (read more)

- Fiber positioning

- Root end manufacturing

- Laminate error detection & repair

- Demoulding & handling

- Spar assembly 

- LE/TE edge preparation

- Root insert gluing/mounting