Test Systems

Through collaboration with the industry players, Eltronic Wind Solutions has gained unique competences within the development of test equipment for wind turbine components.

Eltronic Wind Solutions deliveres complete and customised solutions for testing wind turbine components. We aim to provide automated solutions which not only improve the performance of wind turbines, but eliminate all safety risks in connection with component manufacturing. We design & optimize test lines, customized solutions, as well as standard products focused on safety. 

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Customized test systems for wind turbine components

Customized Solutions for manufacturing equipment over the years we have delivered a number of customized solutions for manufacturing of all main components. Below you can see some examples of solutions we delivered to leading wind turbine providers.

Foundation Test Equipment

One complete solution.

Increased safety - due to comprehensive tests and simulations of the components.

Lower costs of the operation - due to the tests being conducted on the harbor and not on the vessel.

Safe Storage in any condition - The tester is equipped with heaters in the panels in order to enable safe storage on the harbor in cold conditions.

Ability to produce test reports.



Automated generator testing 

Reduced risk of failure by simplified and automated processes.

Improved safety systems - PMG is locked secure to test area during testing to reduce any disturbance, no persons are required to work in area during testing, etc.

Improved working environment - In respect to noise, temperature, contact with materials etc.

Risk assessment for the installation.

Example of tests: high-speed test, no load bearing run test, pre no load test, full load test, post no load test and vibration test.