Transport Equipment

Designing efficient transport equipment, requires keeping in mind the entire value chain.

Transport equipment onshore & offshore


As wind turbines grow in size, transport equipment must be designed to fit as many purposes as possible. At Eltronic Wind Solutions, we possess both the knowledge and the experience to design solutions for securing wind turbine components onshore and offshore. We count highly experienced specialists among our staff, and we are able to offer advice and well thought out solutions ensuring that your components arrive on site safely and ready for installation.


We provide equipment for:

  • storage 
  • road transport
  • sea transport & sea fastening
  • installation vessels

Universal Tower Brackets

The concept behind the universal tower transport bracket from Eltronic Wind Solutions is a flexible yet standard bracket used in combination with an adapter piece. When switching between tower types, the universal tower transport bracket can be re-used, and the only required adjustment of the bracket is the drilling and threading of the adapter piece. 

Customized Equipment Solutions for transport

Together with our customers, we design flexible and modular transport equipment to be used all the way from the production facility to site. 



Transport frame for nacelle

Eltronic designed a frame for transporting a rear-end of the nacelle from the production site to harbour area. After transportation, the frame was used as an onsite storage for the nacelle.  





Equipment for transporting shell towers

In cooperation with our customer, we have supplied transport equipment for shell towers to be used for storage at the production site, road and sea transport as well as storage on site.




Sea frame for nacelle

For sea fastening of a nacelle for a 3.0 direct drive turbine, we have supplied a sea fastening frame combining lifting equipment with sea fastening equipment. In this way, the transport flow is optimised and the amount of equipment is reduced.


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